Ramon.Space and Kythera Space Solutions partner to deliver highly dynamic, flexible, and autonomous communications payload solutions

Ramon.Space leverages the Kythera Operating System standard to power its software-defined Space Computing Platform communications payload

World Satellite Business Week, Paris, France – 13 September 2022 – Ramon.Space, the leader in space-resilient computing infrastructure, and Kythera Space Solutions (Kythera), the leader in dynamic management systems for next-generation payloads and SATCOM networks, have partnered to deliver highly dynamic and flexible communications payload solutions. This partnership leverages Kythera’s Operating System to manage and optimize Ramon.Space’s advanced Space Computing Platform.

The Ramon.Space Computing Platform offers advanced features including channelization, beamforming, regeneration, L2/L3 IP networking, beam hopping, spectral analysis, interference mitigation, and geolocation. Ramon.Space’s platform is uniquely designed for operations at GEO, MEO and LEO, bringing space-resilient technology to the communication market and providing dynamic control over mission operations capabilities without compromising on power efficiency, which is a key enabling technology for both software-defined satellites (SDS) and multi-layered satellite networks.

To power these advanced features in the Ramon.Space processor, Kythera brings its industry-leading Kythera Operating System (KOS) that enables satellite manufacturers and operators to take full advantage of their software-defined payloads and next-generation SATCOM networks. KOS provides Ramon.Space customers with the most advanced solution on the market for dynamic, autonomous operations.

By leveraging the Kythera Operating System, Ramon.Space customers will be able to:

  • Dynamically and autonomously optimize digital payload performance
  • Integrate with the operator’s network assets such as other satellite payloads, gateways, and terminals that support KOS-compliant management software
  • Expand their SATCOM network to support a fully-hybrid space architecture that includes heterogenous GEO/MEO/LEO space assets

As part of the partnership, Ramon.Space will be able to offer an integrated solution with its payload processor infrastructure that includes Kythera’s resource management and optimization software. Kythera will align its compatible products to support the Ramon.Space payload, including:

  • The Kythera Operating System, for dynamic, autonomous planning and optimization. KOS is the emerging industry standard for dynamic management of next-generation SATCOM network
  • The Payload Resource Optimization System (PROS), for periodic planning and optimization
  • The Satellite Payload Evaluator & Comparator (SPEC), for mission pre-planning and optimization

To further enhance KOS performance, the Ramon.Space advanced processor will be able to host and execute KOS modules while in orbit. This unique ability to negate gateway-to-satellite latency will enable real-time operations in orbit, boosting performance and increasing satellite flexibility.

Ramon.Space’s software-defined computing solution is a game changer for satellite manufacturers and operators alike,” said Steve Good, Chief Commercial Officer of Ramon.Space. “We are delighted to work alongside Kythera, the industry leader in dynamic management systems to provide true real-time analysis to enable service providers to better utilize our robust payload. Natively integrating the KOS satellite management software with our telecom processor creates a synergy effect along multiple verticals that offers significant improvements over currently available solutions in the market in terms of flexibility, resiliency, and performance.”

“Ramon.Space offers a uniquely flexible compute platform for satellite communication payloads,” said Dr. Jeffrey Freedman, PhD, CEO of Kythera Space Solutions. “The Kythera Operating System is the key to unlocking the potential of this advanced hardware, enabling Ramon.Space customers to truly experience exceptional performance. We’re excited to partner with Ramon.Space to demonstrate just how far we can drive advanced satellite communications into the future.”

About Ramon.Space:

Ramon.Space is the leader in space-resilient computing infrastructure. Powered by its unique AI/ML processors, Ramon.Space’s software-empowered systems enable the realization of Earth-like computing capabilities in space. The company’s proven technology has already been deployed in space and used in many satellites spanning over 50 space missions across the Solar System. Ramon.Space has offices in the United States and Israel. For more information, visit www.ramon.space.

About Kythera:

Kythera Space Solutions is the leading provider of dynamic management systems for next-generation satellite payloads and networks. Kythera’s software solutions manage and optimize your satellite resources along with your ground-based assets, providing fully autonomous, real-time space network provisioning and operations that take full advantage of today’s flexible, high-throughput satellites. The Kythera Operating System (KOS) is the emerging industry standard for powering dynamic, autonomous SATCOM. Kythera Space Solutions is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, USA. For more information, visit www.kythera.space.


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