Communication Algorithms Engineer



We are expanding in the UK!

Ramon.Space is a leader in space-resilient computing infrastructure. Powered by its unique AI/ML processors, Ramon.Space’s software-empowered systems enable the realization of Earth-like space-resilient computing capabilities in space.

Ramon.Space has a proven track record in space since 2014, the company’s proven technology has already been deployed in space and used in over 50 deep space and satellite missions across the solar system – with zero failures, among them are missions with NASA and the European Space Agency.

We are a global start-up with 70 + employees based out of the U.S., Israel and are now expanding in the U.K.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way satellites, space robots, and spacecraft communicate through deep space, in-earth orbit, and with ground stations. Our technology is based on space-proven state-of-the-art proprietary Manycore architecture that enables a novel approach to efficiently design satellite communication systems.

If you are looking to make an impact, come and join a team developing the next generation of space communication technology. We are looking for an experienced Algorithms Engineer to lead the innovation of the next-generation space connectivity technology.

What you will be doing​

  • Design and develop state-of-the-art communication algorithms.
  • Key contributor to modem and MAC architecture, design, and implementation.
  • Conduct and lead algorithm research, including theoretical analysis and simulations.
  • Lead technical reviews with key stakeholders to present algorithms and system design approaches.
  • Work closely with System, RF, HW, SW teams to lead high-impact technical decisions about system design and implementation.


  • ​Background in modem development for wireless systems.
  • Experience in DSP algorithms design and development with a preference for communication systems applications.
  • Experience with MATLAB for algorithm development, modeling, simulation, and performance evaluation.
  • Experience with synchronization methods, RF front-end architectures, channel estimation, encoding/decoding, error correction, PHY & MAC design.
  • Sc./M.SC./PHD in Electronics Engineering or equivalent with emphasis on signal processing.
  • Highly motivated, team player driven to achieve high-quality results.
  • Problem solver.

​ Advantages

  • Experience with array processing, multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO), and multi-user processing.
  • Experience in the development of systems for space.
  • Background in space communication protocols.
  • Background in mmWave system design.
  • Experience in fixed point modeling using DSP C/C++ and/or Python.
  • Experience in communication lab work and automation (digital scope, spectrum analyzer etc.).
  • Space enthusiast.

** Ramon.Space is committed to equal employment opportunities.